Title: Leather
Author: Nox
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/character: Nick/Connor
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine. No offence or liability intended
Summary: Nick has a weakness.


Connor loved his fingerless gloves, they were warm and yet let his fingers move and they were leather, which was quite obviously awesome.

Nick liked them for slightly different reasons.

Connor had noticed how distracted Nick seemed to get when he wore them. How his face would flush and he’d stand closer and how his eyes would move from Connor’s hands to his mouth to his crotch.

Connor wore them a lot, watching Nick watch him, watching Nick come closer, waiting until he finally gave in.

When Nick finally gave in it wasn’t hesitant, he grabbed Connor from where he’d been fiddling with his lap top and pushed him hard against the bench.

Nick kissed him, and shivered when Connor brought his gloved hand up to his face.

His hands were frantic, opening Connor’s pants and pressing into the gap he had made, heat flared in Connor’s gut. Nick’s hips snapped forward when Connor managed to work his still gloved hands unto Nick’s pants.

There was precome smearing across the palm of his glove, making it slick against Nick’s cock. The ridges of the leather rubbed along Nick’s cock and his hips twitched. 

They were to close, it was awkward and uncomfortable and really fucking incredible. They shared their warm air, pressing close as their hands worked.

Nick came first, the warm come sliding over Connor’s hands, leaving his palms dry underneath the leather. After a long moment of breathing Nick fell to his knees, pressed his hands to Connor’s hips and swallowed him down.

Connor arched, fingers tangling into Nick’s hair and groaned, coming before he could even warn Nick.

Connor fell down beside Nick, leaning heavily on his side until his muscles stopped twitching. Nick ran a finger through the come on his glove and wrapped his hand around Connor’s.

“I like these.”

Connor grinned.

From: [identity profile] fredbassett.livejournal.com

*fans self*

Very hot!

BTW, I haven't forgotten your birthday drabble! I'm just still trying to find where I stowed my Matthew Reilly books!
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From: [identity profile] noxnoctisanima.livejournal.com

:D Thanks, I do like a good bit of porn.

That's ok, I'm not impatient.
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From: [identity profile] noxnoctisanima.livejournal.com

:D don't you just love it when people prompt me with clothing porn :D Thank Barefoot_Starz all her fault.

From: [identity profile] slashybits.livejournal.com

Oh hell yes!

*tries to drool in a lady like manner*

There hasn't been enought hot Nick/Connor for my liking but this has definitely made me happier.

*races off to bookmark*
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From: [identity profile] noxnoctisanima.livejournal.com

Nick/Connor porn is always fun, i'm pretty sure i've written some pornier ones before if you want to check my tags.

From: [identity profile] sunsetdawn20.livejournal.com

Yes, Nick, we sort of got the impression you like those gloves. -giggles* Fun and sweet and hot. :)


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