Title: Ghosts Before I Met You
Author: Nox
Fandom: Primeval
Disclaimer: Not mine. No offence or liability intended
Summary: Abby chickened out.
Notes/Warnings: HET! I wrote HET! BUT THEY MADE ME. 3.02 Spoilers.

Abby knows what she said to Jenny, that she was about to finally do something about the awkward attraction between her and Connor.  And she wanted to, god she did, but she’d chickened out. Pulled back at the last moment and turned it into a joke, a silly moment that meant nothing.

Or at least she had tried to.


Connor was waiting for her when she finally made it home, crashed out on the couch and staring cross eyed at Rex on the armrest.  He sat up when she walked in, obviously trying for smooth but actually managing to flail a little as he overbalanced his movement.

Her head was sore and she was exhausted but she answered his smile with one of her own.

He pushed himself off the couch and picked up a glass and two pills from table.  He placed the pills in her hand and handed her the water when she threw them back.

“Maybe I was lying a bit when I said that I was fine.”  She rubbed her temples.

Connor helped her to the couch and she folded backwards into the pillows, already warm with Connor’s heat and then between blinks she was out.


Rex was inspecting her forehead when her eyes opened again, entirely too close to focus on so that he was just a green blob that appeared interested in tasting her hair. Her head was still a little uncomfortable but it no longer pounded when she sat up.  She could feel the slight sting that said someone had been chopping onion and smell garlic, which meant that Connor was cooking, he was fond of his Italian.

Connor stuck his head out of the kitchen when he heard her get to her feet, licking bolognaise sauce off his fingers.

“You’ve got excellent timing, food’s ready if you’re up to it.”  

He carried out two bowls and sat them down on the table. He dug his fork into his, twirling the pasta.

“I was scared.” He said after a moment, staring at his pasta.

Abby looked at him questioningly.

“When you screamed. I was scared.” He looked up at her as if waiting for a reaction, then quirked a grin.  “I’m not stupid Abby, I know when someone’s going to kiss me, especially when it’s someone I pay attention to.”

Abby flushed, caught.

Connor leant over, pressed a kiss to the edge of Abby’s mouth and smiled, amused.

“Your turn.”  

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