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OMG why must class be so boring and so compulsory? Win for lap top and checking email while in class. Would be mad otherwise.

[ profile] comment_fic  continues to be win. Wrote 40 stories over the weekend, am smug.  Come prompt people, I was running out of interesting prompts to write.

Front yard is completely soggy, weather bureau says that this was just due to showers, the proper rain is starting next week. Here floody floody floody.


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You deserve to be smug. You are truly Lord Of All Prompts! I've been marvelling at the amount you've been throwing out.

Must try harder!
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It's my one and only super power, I'm freaking prolific. Yes you should always write us more fic. It should be a law.

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But it's such a good superpower! I have brief moments of prolificness, but then I have to have a lay down with a wet towel over my face! :)
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Yes, TRY HARDER! Tell us what you'll write and I'll prompt specifically for you!!!!

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LOL! You're so nice! :D There are too many prompts, and some of them are just so good. I never know which ones I'm going to go for when I'm frolicking through the comm.
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I'm not that nice, you are just beyond awesome. *nods*

There are a LOT of prompts, sometimes it's hard to find one that actually inspires you.

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There are so very many, and they stack up so quickly. My trouble is usually that five or ten inspire me, and then I sort of flail in indecision between them all!


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