Title: Something More
Author: Nox
Fandom: Life
Pairing/character: Crews/Dani/Tidwell
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine. No offence or liability intended
Summary: Three guns in the bedside table.
Notes/Warnings: For the Porn Battle

They knew it was something more than sex when there was three guns in the top drawer of bedside table, three badges thrown together underneath the lamp and three pairs of shoes sitting beside the door.

It was more than Kevin’s fingers across Charlie’s hip, digging in, holding, until red flared and marked him.

It was more than the long sweaty length of Dani’s neck as she threw back her head, hand tangled in Charlie’s hair between her thighs.

It was more than the flex of Kevin’s thighs, bracing Dani against the wall, her calves around his hips, her nails in his back. 

It was more than the rhythm of Charlie into Kevin into Dani, a little bit broken and ragged but forcing a groan from them with every movement. 

It was when Kevin’s and Charlie’s hands curled together across Dani’s hip in the pale hours of the morning.

It was two different styles of men’s slacks in the wardrobe and slightly dusty heels almost hidden under the drape of the longest pair.

It was being pressed up against the kitchen bench and kissed slowly good morning as Rachel bitched in the background and Ted smiled softly over his coffee.

It was fighting over who got the backseat today and pledging favours for shotgun.

It was one woman, two men, three guns, six shoes and so much more than sex than they could ever say.

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