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( Apr. 14th, 2009 05:06 pm)
OMG why must class be so boring and so compulsory? Win for lap top and checking email while in class. Would be mad otherwise.

[ profile] comment_fic  continues to be win. Wrote 40 stories over the weekend, am smug.  Come prompt people, I was running out of interesting prompts to write.

Front yard is completely soggy, weather bureau says that this was just due to showers, the proper rain is starting next week. Here floody floody floody.

I'm in a really strange mood tonight, mainlining various members of Decaydance, mostly Panic and reading shitloads of bandom fic as well as occasionally having deep moments where I declare myself, indeed all human kind and endeavors, pastiche and then go on to brood.
I think it's my weird way of welcoming myself back to the internet.

God I missed the random.
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( Nov. 11th, 2008 08:28 pm)
It was Helicopter Day today.

The day in late October/early November when the drug helicopter comes around.

It depends on the weather as to when the crops will be mature but not yet harvested.

Gotta love living in the hippie capital of Australia.

Every year it flies over the paddocks and bush and tries to find everyone's Cannabis crops.

My life is fun.
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( Nov. 6th, 2008 08:12 pm)

So today was the last day of my prac and I though I would do a bit of a wrap up.

It was awesome, I had a yr 7 class which were really sweet and were all very interesting. I then had a 9A class who were FUCKING SMART.  I mean, damn, some of them could have been quite comfortable in yr 11 if not higher. Most lf them were really sweet, except for 3 boys who i separated two weeks in, then life got much easier and one malignant rude girl who I eventually just threw out for swearing at me.
Then I had 10A who were doing exam prep, not quite as smart as the yr 9's but still pretty good.

One of my yr 9's gave me chocolate as a goodbye present :D. I love my kids.

And my evaluations was really awesome, I got a glowing review and an offer if I ever wanted casual work. :D

So now i'm on holiday until february and hopefully i'll end up writing a lot more.

I'm doing the numberswriteoff again, I can't help myself, challenges are shiny and addictive. It's a post ep/ep tag so it gives me a reason why I need to rewatch every Numbers episode again *grin*.

And since everyone else seems to be doing it...GO OBAMA! WOOT! My faith in America is now slightly renewed. Ok I still think half of Cali needs to be hit over the head but John Howard banned gay marriage too so we can't really talk.

Dude I so need to stop collecting new, small fandoms, Life, Fringe (Oh NBN why do you fail so much and cancel one of the best things on TV) they're so pretty but so little...*pouts* well it's probably a good thing that Life isn't big, the damn thing makes me ship het *Shudders*.

But speaking of pairing preferences it's a bit strange at the moment, I keep writing Gen of all things, me, who can barely write a fic without a bit of gratuitous porn. I think i'm getting a little bored of the porn. It's very disturbing.
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( Oct. 17th, 2008 10:38 pm)
Update from the world of prac teaching:

There were cows in the quad today...

I walked down the stairs and there were cows.

Shiny clean cows on leads having their picture taken.

Yes my high school was rural. Why do you ask?
Started the first orientatin day of my second prac today. At my old high school where I only finished 3 years ago.

So that was odd all by itself and the comes recess.

One of the lower grade girls beats another bad enough to have to be taken away in an ambulance and to have herself taken away by the poilice.

Then in my 5th period Yr 7 class while waiting to come in the door one of the boys king hits another in the cheekbone out of the blue.

I swear it wasn't this bad when I was there.
Local elections today, had to vote, bleugh.

Usually I do my hippie duty and vote for the Greens, but no parties in local elections.

So I voted for the guy my dad called 'a long haired git', I figured that was close enough.

Also today, looked out the window while eating breakfast. Two crows were pulling the tail of Pixie, my horse.

Can't quite figure out why but i'm tossing up between nest making materials or just being jokers.

Either is about as likely I think.
Dear Flist, 

Tonight I burnt things. 

I got ash on my face and made the rooster think it was dawn. 

I think I win at life.

Love me.
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( May. 22nd, 2008 02:07 pm)

I start prac on monday! Year 7, 8 and 9 English, all with problem students and the year 7's really not to bright. 

And also i have three assignments due tomorrow and work on saturday and i need my lesson plans done. Ok no sleep for me then...

*Dies* i need another day somewhere in here. 

Ok today my day was made of such awesome that I decided that I should share it with all of you. Okay? No? Well too bad.

Well for those of you in different time zones, today was Sunday and around here Sunday meant Markets.

Now normally we're all far to lazy to go to the markets because it involves getting up at a decent hour and driving the half hour to town but we went today because the Lifeline Book Fest was on, i'll get to that in a moment.

Ok so we went to the market and there were about six different types of cool looking chickens and some cocatiels and ducks and guinea fowl and I wasn't allowed to buy any of them *pouts* but I did enjoy poking at them and generally being amused. 

And we bought jigsaw puzzles, which are a pretty big hit in our house and some trees which are also welcome as i'm starting to suspect mum is building a forest around the house.

Oh and I also got some cool Lemon Myrtle soap which i'm quite attached to, but the reason my day at the markets today was so awesome was because of my coat.

The Coat! 

It's a Jack Coat. 

Which for those who don't know Torchwood means a large military style coat with shiny buttons.

It's heavy and warm and comes halfway down my lower legs and it fits perfectly except at the arms, which is actually a good thing because that's where the only frayed bit is and so it can get tucked into a new cuff.

It also has those cool shoulder tabs that look like they belong in the military and two lines of bright silver buttons.

It's also about 30-40 years old and in perfect condition and it only cost me $60, about 30 pounds for you UK lot. 

And when I got home I discovered why it is so awesome, the buttons have a symbol and some writing pressed into them, it says, New South Wales Police. So my awesome Jack Coat is actually an awesome vintage police coat. 

I rock.

And then just to make my day better we went to the Lifeline book fest, which is a charity sale of donated books, I got 20 books for $4 and was very smug and amused.

Oh and I got to ride around in the shopping trolley in the hardware store and none of the staff yelled at me or gave me funny disapproving looks. 

So that's why my day was awesome. 
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( May. 12th, 2008 04:28 pm)
Oh My God! have just seen Iron Man. 

Robert Downey Jr is my new personal god!

He has some of the best snark in a movie i've heard in years, and also much slash potential. :D Lets us not forget that. 

Is it bad that i'm now imagining lots of suggestive things with the hole he has in his chest now? And robot!sex?

The character Pepper was great fun and Gwenneth had some great lines. 

I love his evil at the start. And also the last line :D. 

I am Iron Man....yes, you most certainly are...
My day today started with a one legged road worker and a gigantic butter churn. It's possible I may still be asleep.

Going to family reunion for Easter...yay for 10 hour road trip *huggles portable DVD player*

Will be back Tuesday, hopefully not being scarred for life by finding out I've dated a cousin.... wish me luck.
I love being at a uni where I can stare out of the window of my tute room and go...'Is that a koala up the hill?' and be right.
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( Mar. 4th, 2008 03:00 pm)
I must have been watching to much of The Sarah Connor Chronicles cause I swear that Cameron is in my Professional Experience tutorial. Ok so she's not so much with the looking like Summer Glau but she's creepy. 

She. Doesn’t. Blink. or at least she blinks so rarely that my eyes water in sympathy just looking at her. Even creepier is that she doesn’t seem to have expressions...she just stares...*shudders*.

Anyways I got eaten by a book I found yesterday it's called Escape by Carolyn Jessop and it's an autobiography of a woman who grew up in the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the FLDS, a polygamist sect of the Mormons. She was the fourth of seven wives when she escaped with her eight children, her husband and her community hunted her down and she had to hide to keep them and keep herself safe. 

I could not put it down, I didn't get to sleep until 2am and then palmed it off onto one of my sister's friends who spent a rather twisty car ride this morning reading the first few chapters and now can't stop. 
If you like autobiographies or find religious extremism interesting or are interested in women's rights, seriously read this book. 

Now because of the five odd hours of sleep I got last night guess what I did this afternoon? That's right I feel asleep in my lecture, It's rather sad for me to say that I probably wasn’t noticed because I’ve gotten rather excellent at it by this point. At least I’m not doing it in the third row of a very small lecture theatre this time. *Shakes head*.

Strange thing I’ve been noticing on campus at the moment is this hairstyle on men of longish hair with a few dreadlocks in the back, not the full hair mind you which is pretty normal here, just half a dozen or so in the back. It looks very strange. 

There is also the cute boy in the tutorials who is terribly attractive until you notice that he has a complete lack of chin at's like his mouth just slopes right into his neck...I've as yet to decide whether I’m looking him cause he's pretty or cause of the chinless wonder thing. I'm going to go with pretty though. 

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( Sep. 1st, 2007 12:55 am)

Here is a little game for those who want to play. What should be on the other five days? I was going to just put down slash but tack vests are just so pretty at the moment and so are thigh holsters.

On the First day the Fandom Gods gave us Slash.

On the Second day the Fandom Gods gave us Tac Vests and Thigh Holsters.

On the Third day the Fandom Gods gave us... 

On the Fourth day the Fandom Gods gave us... 

On the Fifth day the Fandom Gods gave us... 

On the Sixth day the Fandom Gods gave us... 

On the Seventh day the Fandom Gods gave us... 

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( Aug. 23rd, 2007 05:18 pm)
Wetlands can go to hell *hates*. Stupid scientific report with stupidly large word limit and stupid lack of resources. I hate university so much right about now. 

Today I had Land Degradation Processes *vomit* and Prose...yes I have an odd mix of classes, there's also media and an education unit in there just to round it all out. 

Land Deg I hate for obvious reasons, but Prose? I'm a writer...but here it tutorial has a published author and three people who have finished their first, or in the case of this one guy his third, novel. I feel like I fail so totally. 

But there were good things, I got a lift from the CBD when I missed my bus, (for all it has a uni, my town is still a small city and thus has the obligatory crappy public transport system) one of my lecturers noticed my normal position, hunched over a book, on a bench and offered a lift. He's a nice guy, and his daugher was with him and she's really cute. 

Also for all that Prose intimidates the hell out of me we were doing Intertextuality this week and so we had a couple of people who performed songs. *Flails* God their voices were excellent in so many ways. 

I don't get to sleep well so I have this habit of watching TV at like 12.30-1 am and there's this show that is making my nightly watching much better, it's called Night Stalker and it's a vaguely supernatural series about a reporter. It's great corny fantasy and it makes me happy. 

And a sort of good news, i've now got a monday shift at work so that means I get 14 hours a week instead of 7 and with an option of 7 more. But it also means I lose my much loved 4 day weekend, but money is my friend so i'll deal.

But on super happy news i'm going on holiday to Melbourne with [personal profile] barefoot_starz in november! I can't wait! This is a good part of the reason another shift is a good thing, cause in October I go on holiday for two weeks with my family then on Boxing day I go up to Woodford for the Woodford Folk Festival which is going to utterly blow my hippy little mind. Then after that i'm going to Byron Bay for another two weeks and hopefuly i'm going to get some diving in which is going to cost far to much money but is so completely worth it. 

The rocks off Byron have such excellent diving, there's sharks and rays and TURTLES! The turtles are a reason to go in and of themselves but there's also amazing fish and coral and...and...and *flails* 

For someone with no life i'm doing a lot this year.

I'm going to be so broke.
So read Potter 7 in about 5 hours, [personal profile] barefoot_starz beat me at 3 hours 19 minutes *Pout*.
Some points…
OK so I saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday and I was a little hesitant, cause I’ve been hearing people who have read the book say it's not so good and people who haven't loving it. I happen to love it. 

They miss out a lot of things and squish some things together, but they do it very well and also manage to keep to the spirit of the book (i.e. Harry is an emo). 

I love Luna with an indescribable love, she is an excellent character and is done very well, props for managing to get the reading of the Quibber upside down into it.

I don't see how you can look at Sirius and Remus, even though Sirius has a kind of creepy paedophilic thing going, and not think slash. 

Loved that the "emotional range of a teaspoon" got of my favourite lines from the book.


The Apparating with grey/black and white smoke....*sigh* very dramatic and differentiates bad from good...but still...

I miss the swamp...The one Fred'n'George set off when they leave...I really wanted to see them do it...

I mourn the complete lack of Quidditch.

On a brighter note, Maya has written a completely amazing Movie Number 5 parody and I demand you all read it.
*FLAILS* Torchwood owns my soul, thank you [personal profile] merihn for rocking so much and for giving up her Torchwood DVD's for a week or so so she could send them to me and i could be infected. 

Jack is Love! He's so many levels of hot i'm just not coherent anymore, I'm especially liking the suspenders and the military coat that makes me drool. And really "You people and your quaint little categories" *dies*

Ianto is so great and straight laced that you know he's all passionate underneath, or seriously twisted and sexfiendy. I'm good with either. And really? The accent? And you expect me not to melt.

Owen is just fun, he's this georgous slut who has great angst and i loves him. I also loves his accent, the kiss from the first ep and his grin....*combusts*

Tosh is kinda boring and i'm not really caring about her. Except for this quote "He'll shag anything so long as it's gorgeous enough" *loves Jack*

Gwen's kinda irritating but she's hot and she has one thing going for her, she's making me like a het pairing *the world ends* Owen/Gwen has such potential as a screwed up angsty twisty pairing for great stories. I can't wait to find some, screw the happily ever after i want the hot sex and angst.

Jack/Ianto is obvious, i mean The Kiss! i think i combusted. And Owen telling Ianto "Only in your sick fantasies where you're his part time fuck." Loves! And they're both so monumnentaly hot so it just makes it all great. And in 'They Keep Killing Suzie' i think...where at the end Ianto and Jack talk about sending everyone else home and staying themselves....slash anyone? Oh and in 'Cyberwoman' when Ianto asks Jack if he's ever been in love and i swear, well i want to beleive that Jack looks at Ianto....*flails*

The Ianto/Owen fight lead my brain to Ianto/Owen which i think would have some great tension and really i'm liking Owen with just about everyone!

The Jack/Jack kiss and dance and handholding and looks and *guh* kills me, the kiss is the hottest thing in the world and the dance is so incredibly sweet. *loves*

End Rant
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( Apr. 6th, 2007 04:35 pm)

So this is me rambling, mostly this post is to sing the praises of a new ad campaign for one of our (Australian) TV stations. I'm Not to sure if any of the other countries get it, but if not, their loss. So, this ad is to promote the line up of shows on Channel 10, NCIS, Supernatural and the Law and Orders, maybe others that I missed. What really makes me happy is the theme is 'I Believe' and god may i say that some of the things they come up with warms a slasher's heart, some just the fannish part. 

Ok so Supernatural, not my fandom so much, though I have dabbled a time or two, mostly cause of my super amazing friend [info]merihn who is absolutely obsessed. But, what I love about this ad for SN is cause of the comment by Sam which said "I believe in keeping an open mind...a very open mind." Which for the unrepentant slasher in me was like a poke with a hot stick, aww Sammy there could be so much fun had with that. 

Ok the Law and Orders (CI and SVU) were also there, they're a little slashless and all but there were still some great lines.  Elliot said "I believe there is black and white, and all shades of grey." and their ADA Lady, who's name I have completely forgotten has this great line, "I believe there are two sides to every story...sometimes more." Goren was there but as much as I love him he didn't really have any good lines. 

But my favorite bit of it for all time was the NCIS, I’m normally the last person to have a OTP, hell I can't usually keep my attention span on a certain fandom for more then a day or so, but Tim/Tony has been my OTP in NCIS for weeks now. Not to say I’m not quite happy with other pairings, it's just that T/T makes me happy in so many ways. Those boys can be slashed so well, you can have the fun dom/sub kinda dynamic, with Tony on top or you can have Tim being all secretly top and just the million ways they could get together. But onto my actual point, Tim says "I believe...he's going to get me in some trouble" and then it cuts back to Tony with an unholy grin and my brain melted. There were also a few good Abby and Gibbs quotes but mostly *dies* TONY/TIM FOREVER!



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