Title: Strange Meetings
Author: Nox
Fandom: Primeval/Torchwood
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own it, not mine. No offence or liability intended
Summary: Who knew that you could meet such interesting people while running for your life.

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( Jun. 30th, 2007 12:33 am)
Well...this was interesting to write..so yeah...shameless twisty porn.

Title: Break For Me
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Ianto/Owen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: A little bit of pain and a bit of questionable consent.
Disclaimer: God I wish! But no.
Summary: Owen wanted to see Ianto break.
*FLAILS* Torchwood owns my soul, thank you [personal profile] merihn for rocking so much and for giving up her Torchwood DVD's for a week or so so she could send them to me and i could be infected. 

Jack is Love! He's so many levels of hot i'm just not coherent anymore, I'm especially liking the suspenders and the military coat that makes me drool. And really "You people and your quaint little categories" *dies*

Ianto is so great and straight laced that you know he's all passionate underneath, or seriously twisted and sexfiendy. I'm good with either. And really? The accent? And you expect me not to melt.

Owen is just fun, he's this georgous slut who has great angst and i loves him. I also loves his accent, the kiss from the first ep and his grin....*combusts*

Tosh is kinda boring and i'm not really caring about her. Except for this quote "He'll shag anything so long as it's gorgeous enough" *loves Jack*

Gwen's kinda irritating but she's hot and she has one thing going for her, she's making me like a het pairing *the world ends* Owen/Gwen has such potential as a screwed up angsty twisty pairing for great stories. I can't wait to find some, screw the happily ever after i want the hot sex and angst.

Jack/Ianto is obvious, i mean The Kiss! i think i combusted. And Owen telling Ianto "Only in your sick fantasies where you're his part time fuck." Loves! And they're both so monumnentaly hot so it just makes it all great. And in 'They Keep Killing Suzie' i think...where at the end Ianto and Jack talk about sending everyone else home and staying themselves....slash anyone? Oh and in 'Cyberwoman' when Ianto asks Jack if he's ever been in love and i swear, well i want to beleive that Jack looks at Ianto....*flails*

The Ianto/Owen fight lead my brain to Ianto/Owen which i think would have some great tension and really i'm liking Owen with just about everyone!

The Jack/Jack kiss and dance and handholding and looks and *guh*...it kills me, the kiss is the hottest thing in the world and the dance is so incredibly sweet. *loves*

End Rant


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