I thought it was about time I organised my fic, so here it is, my fic master list. Fic is in cronological order in each section, while the sections are in alphabetical order.
184 fics!


Innocence For Days – Zach/Jack

Silence – Zach/Jack

Uncertainty – Sequel to Silence

Coming Out – Sequel to Uncertainty

Bike, Car or Woman – Zach/Jack

I’m Not Clueless - Gen

Boondock Saints

Shiny Happy Rage - Murphy/Connor

Bring It On

Because We Can, Because We Are – Cliff/Missy

Brothers and Sisters

Descent Into Depravity – Justin/Rebecca


Right? – Xander/(Spike)

Criminal Minds

Repression – Reid/Morgan

Metallica – Reid/Hotch

Terror – Reid/Morgan

Crossing Jordan

Losing Hope – Bug/Nigel


Cowboy – Greg/Nick

Power Rangers – Greg/Archie

DNA Swapping – Greg/Hodges

Why Me? – Nick/Hodges

CSI: Miami

Numb – Tim/Eric

Blind – Eric/Ryan


Contrast – Danny/Don

Gangs of New York – Danny/Sheldon

In the Dark – Don/Sheldon

Too Hard – Danny/Don/Sheldon

Running After Something – Danny/Adam

Fragile Rage – Danny/Don

Doctor Who

Blink - Gen

Grey’s Anatomy

Everybody’s Got a Secret – Alex/OMC

Harry Potter

Tease – Harry/Snape

Surprise! – Hermione/Snape

To Be Surprised – Hermione/Snape

Fire and Ice – Draco/Ron

And So We Descend – Harry/Snape

He Who Saved Them All – Gen

Werewolves of London – Remus/Sirius

Rage – Harry/Draco


Fixing – House/Wilson

Seeing You – Sequel to Fixing

Smile - Sequel to Seeing You

Closet – Chase/Foreman

Repression – Wilson/(House)

Iron Man

Machinery – Tony Stark

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Absorbing – Bishop/Alex


Suicide is Painless – Hawkeye/Trapper

Off The Edge – B.J./Hawkeye

Matthew Reilly

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Think – Scarecrow/Knight

Training – Doogie/Van Lewen

Learning – Race/Van Lewen


Not Letting You Go – Gibbs/Fornell

Blissful in her Ignorance – Tony/Abby, Unrequited Tony/Kate

Unexamined – Tim/Sarah

Stay – Tim/Tony


Oblivious – Charlie/Larry

To The Edge of Night - Megan/Larry

Obscene - Charlie

Dark and Light – Don/David

Last Laugh – Don/Coop

Trapped – Edgerton/Don/Charlie

Original Fiction

Missunderstanding – OMC/OMC

Self Love - OMC


My God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles – Nick/Stephen

I Love The Way You Live So Intensely – Nick/Connor

Touch – Stephen/Connor

Beginings – Nick/Connor/Stephen

Close – Stephen/Connor

I Saw You Sleeping – Nick/Connor

Wet – Connor/Ryan

Imagined Faces – Stephen/Connor

Realised Image – Sequel to Imagined Faces

Target Practice – Stephen/Connor

I’m Sorry…I Was Really Drunk – Nick/Stephen/Connor

Warrior – Stephen/Ryan

Gun Oil – Ryan/Connor

Tac Vest – Ryan/Stephen/Connor

Blood – Connor/Nick/Stephen

I’m Not Helen – Connor/Nick

Tangle - Connor/Stephen/Ryan/Voyuer!Nick

Caught Falling - Connor/Ryan/Stephen

Imaginary Eyes - Connor/Imaginary!Nick

Shards of Dark - Stephen/Nick

Sleeping Bag – Stephen/Nick

Flip Side – Nick/Stephen

Tears In The Shower - Ryan

Voyeur – Nick/Stephen/(Connor)

Wet – Nick/Stephen

Alleyway – Stephen/OMC

Conflicting Tastes – Lester/Lyle

Intimidation – Lyle/Lester

Innocous - Gen

Three Step Plan – Stephen/Nick

What A Way To Begin The Morning - Gen

I Don’t Love You (Anymore) – Nick/(Helen)

I’m Here – Stephen/Nick

Slow Burn – Connor/OMC

Oblivion – Stephen/(Helen)

Innocence - Gen

Karma – Stephen/Nick

The Dance - Gen

Sweet Transvestite - Gen

Human Waste - Gen

Shattered – Nick/Stephen

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It - Gen

Mud – Stephen/Ryan

Virgin!Connor Series

Deflowing – Stephen/Connor

Popping a Cherry – Duncan/Connor

Debauch – Ryan/Connor

I Believe In What I See – Nick Connor

Threesome Series – Nick/Connor/Stephen

First Kiss

Waiting and Hoping


Staying Up Late

Singing Along With the Radio

Stolen Kiss

Sleeping In

Dinner For Three

Making the Bed

Meeting the Family

Making Dinner

First Glance

In The Emergency Room

Around a Campfire

Dealing With Paperwork


Covered in Chocolate

A Summer’s Night

Stolen Moments


Movie Night

Dancing Under the Stars

Waiting For Help

Reservation For Three

Standing in the Rain

Watching the Game

Picnic in the Park

Watching the Clock

Anniversary Party

Looking For Forever

Sea Patrol

Seasick – Spider/ET

Identity Crisis – RO/Buffer

Morning After – Bomber/Buffer

Inside Out And Upside Down – Swain/Cheffo

Stargate: Atlantis

Are You For Real?! – Rodney/John

Gene Therapy – Radek/Lorne

Language Barrier – Radek/Carson

Herbal – Lorne/Parrish

Watching – John/(Rodney)

Frozen Sight – Rodney/Radek

Bright Lights and Shadows – John/Rodney

Stargate: SG1

Forbidden – Daniel/Jack

Tamora Pierce

Possession – Kel/Joren


Break For Me – Ianto/Owen

Underneath the Suit – Ianto/Owen

Broken – Ianto/Jack

Ultimate Force

Saftey In Hatred –Alex/Jamie

West Wing

Time In White – Sam/Josh

Ambiguity – Sam/Josh

Time – Jed/Leo

Women’s Murder Club

Tonight Means Nothing (Please) – Lindsay/Cindy


Boondock Saints/Primeval

Different Yet Same - Connor McManus/Murphy McManus/Connor Temple

Broken and Bloody - Connor McManus/Tom Ryan

Shaking Truths - Connor McManus/Murphy McManus/Stephen Hart

Bones/Criminal Minds/Primeval

Tragic Smile – Connor/Spencer/Zach


Distraction - Jack Hodgins/Connor Temple

Buffy/Criminal Minds

Hidden – Reid/Morgan, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 - WIP


Kidnapped - Gen


Leaving Las Vegas, Lights So Bright – Las Vegas Prologue

Whoever I Was Then, I Can’t Ever Be Again – Miami Prologue

They Howled Out For More – New York Prologue – Marty/Adam, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

This Is A Time For Believing In Fairytales – Archie/Ryan, Nick/Sheldon, Marty/Adam, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


Teeth and Tongues - Archie Johnson/Tom Ryan

CSI/Stargate: Atlantis

DNA - Greg Sanders/Rodney McKay

CSI: Miami/Primeval

Forced Contact - Tim Speedle/Connor Temple

CSI: NY/Numb3rs

Caressing Words - Don Flack/Colby Granger

CSI: NY/Stargate: Atlantis

Hot Fingers - Danny Messer/Rakek Zelenka

Doctor Who/Primeval

What To Do When Your Dinosaur Is Really A Dragon - Tenth Doctor/Tom Ryan

Harry Potter/House

Memory – House/Snape, Part 2 - WIP


Never Known - Charlie Eppes/Connor Temple

Tell Me - Don Eppes/Connor Temple

All The Broken Loves - Colby Granger/Stephen Hart


All the Beautiful People – Ianto/Stephen

Strange Meetings - Gen

Primeval/Stargate: Atlantis

Words and Numbers - Connor Temple/Radek Zelenka

What Happened on the Dancefloor - Stephen Hart/John Sheppard

Watching – John/Ryan

Primeval/Stargate: SG1

How To Win An Argument - Nick Cutter/Daniel Jackson



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